I cannot wait to see the video! You guys are something else! Seriously though, my camera crew from photos to videos were the dream team for real! ~ Ben Y.
“I have worked with Andrew & Jeff with several photo/videoshoots for my portfolio as well as entertainment and nightlife events.  They are very professional with working with all their clients and meeting the needs of models, artists, or anyone who they service.” ~ Vanessa Y.
“Pretty awesome team! Lots of experience with all kinds of videography, especially wedding videography. Very professional and creative. Be sure to check out their portfolio! Definitely recommended for your future events =D!” ~ Natalie G.
“Whatever you need to get done, these guys will do it for you. and FAST. they are extremely professional and personable, and will consistently put out excellent products. trust your special event to blue dawn studios and you will not be disappointed!!! i’ve had my fair share of working with photographers/videographers…and trusting my once-in-a-lifetime events to them…only to be thoroughly, utterly, and completely disappointed in the work they produced. not only did i not have any pictures i liked from those events, but i was out a few thousand as well. very uncool. so definitely look no further if you want your special event/occasion memorialized and done right for the right price. i know i will definitely be using them time and time again.” ~ A.K.
“WOW! I can’t say enough about the Team at Blue Dawn Studios. They have assisted me on several projects over the last few years and I’m always blown away by the end product. Attention to detail unsurpassed creativity and always on the cutting edge.” ~ Cyrus B.
“The guy’s name is Andrew. I met him through a friend of mine. Turns out this company is really good with their creative photography and videography skills. This company does profession photography for all sorts of venues and events, such as clubbing and for various models/artists. I like how this company promotes their business by word of mouth” ~ Seung Y.