Service Highlights

High Definition Picture

We film our videos in full 1080p high definition.  High definition allows the picture to be recorded in a larger area, allowing more detail to be played back digitally. The client benefits from amazing picture quality on today’s consumer monitors and televisions.

Full Video Production

We provide everything needed for your video shoots to look like a movie. This includes all the production equipment such as 2+ cameras for multiple angles, lighting, and sound. We like to travel light and keep things simple. Rest assured, you won’t be tripping over cables or knocking things over.

Digital Editing Solutions

All digital allows collaboration over the Internet without the hassle of meeting in person and exchanging discs. Includes unlimited uploads to FTP web storage for project files. One flat rate, no matter what type of project.


Wedding Film

Blue Dawn Studios can film your next Wedding.

Why should you choose to have it filmed in addition to being photographed?
Videos preserves both sights and sounds in its entirety. Relive the moments with all the adrenaline, feelings, and emotions. The Bride walking down the isle. The groom’s reaction. The first kiss. The bouquet toss. The first dance. Your family and friends that traveled hundreds of miles just to celebrate one special day with you two. We combine both visuals and sound to produce a professionally edited masterpiece that can be viewed for many years to come. Furthermore, no matter which package you decide to pick, we will provide all the raw footage – completely unedited.

Full-day coverage.

  • Morning preparation (bride + groom)
  • Photoshoots with Photographer
  • Limo rides
  • Tea ceremonies
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Reception
  • …and all the highlights in between.

Wedding edits for every situation.

Highlight Edit – a brief 3-5min edit that features all the highlight events from your Wedding to show your family and friends on the Internet.
Feature Edit – a theatrical 20-30min Wedding movie featuring the highlights and every precious moment from start to end to be watched on the couch on your DVD/Blu-ray player.
Raw Footage – make your own edits and watch every second of your Wedding from multiple angles with the raw footage filmed by us.

Wedding Photography

Blue Dawn Studios can be your Wedding Photographer.

Not interested in video? We offer photography-only packages that include 2 photographers from Blue Dawn Studios and all the professional quality equipment you would expect similar to video – at an even faster turn-around.

Please have a look at some samples at our Photography Website.

Wedding Love Story

Share your love story.

Tell your family and friends during the Reception how you fell in love with the Wedding Love Story Package. Filmed before the Wedding, the Love Story Package features an interview of the Bride and the Groom describing whatever they want – how they met, fell in love, what they like about each other, the proposal…you get to decide. Besides the Interview, this package features candid filming of the couple as they go on a “date”. This package can also be combined with pictures to create a slideshow that comes alive with the storytelling. We professionally edit the clips and prepare a final video approximately 10min in length a week before the Wedding.

Tell your love story.

  • Client suggests ideas + location for “date”
  • Bride Interview
  • Groom Interview
  • Candid “date” video clips
  • Photo slideshow
  • Pre-made for Wedding Reception
  • Approximately 10min long
  • Show family and friends unable to attend Wedding Reception

Other Videography Services


Have us film your next event.

  • Corporate
  • E-commerce
  • Documentaries
  • Interviews
  • Automotive
  • Music Videos
  • Fashion
  • Nightlife
  • Parties
  • Quinceañeras
  • Fundraisers
  • …and more.

Post Production


Post Production for one flat rate.

  • All digital, Internet collaboration
  • Digital Non-Linear Video Editing with Final Cut Pro and Premiere
  • Color grading with Apple Suite, After Effects, and Magic Bullet
  • Visual effects and graphics with After Effects and Photoshop
  • Video encoding in various formats
  • FTP storage provided for projects

DVD/Blu-ray Authoring

Have us author your movies onto DVDs and high definition Blu-rays.

  • Playable on Computers, DVD players, Blu-ray players, and Game Consoles
  • Custom menus, chapters, extras, and background music
  • Custom designed disc labels for your discs
  • Includes .iso disc image file so you can burn your own discs
  • Standard definition and high definition options