Frequently Asked Questions


A1.     What cameras do you use?

We currently film with Canon DSLRs, namely the 5DmkII and 7D. Our backup cameras are HVX200A and GoPro HD. All are High Definition 1080p.

A2.     Who picks the music?

Short answer: You do.

Typically, for the Highlight Films, the client picks the song since its usually just one song. For the Feature Films, clients suggest the type of songs they want and we use our discretion. Of course, you are welcome to give us a songlist as well.

A3.     Do we have to sign a contract?

Yes. It guarantees you, the client, that we will show up on the wedding day.

A4.     Do you do SDE (Same Day Edit)?

Not at the moment. We are perfecting our workflow to ensure a SDE will work out in the future. However, we offer a Wedding Love Story + Slideshow package which can be shown during the Reception.

A5.     What’s your turnaround time?

At most 1 month from our past experience.

A6.     Do we have to feed you?

Technically, no, but we really hope you will. Dinner time at the reception is usually downtime and there is no filming going on. The clients like to have the vendors (which includes us video guys) sit together and talk about matters such as pixels or ISO.

A7.     Do you do photos?

Yes, but not concurrently with Video. Due to our small size, we either film or take photos. Feel free to contact us for Photography coverage on your Wedding day.
We do not mind which Photographers we work with, but if you are looking for some good ones, check out our Links page.

A8.     Can we get a discount?

Our prices reflect the quality of our work. We price our packages competitively with similar vendors on the market. Since we continually invest in equipment and technology for our growing services, we cannot offer discounts. Our Clients have been very satisfied with our work from start to finish. There are of course much cheaper alternatives and on the other end of the spectrum – extremely costly packages. We are somewhere in between.

A9.     Can I edit the footage?

Of course! The Basic Package comes with no edits and all the raw footage will be provided to you, including the audio. You can edit it any way you want.

A10.   Do you shoot outside of San Francisco?

Yes, we do destination weddings, but we highly recommend you book us in advance. Anywhere around the globe, by airplane, we can film you wedding. Of course, the client pays for the travel expenses.

B1.     Do you do concepts/storyboard?


B2.    Will it be edited?

No, but Editing Services are offered by Blue Dawn Studios.

B3.     Do we have to sign a contract?

Usually not since we have a deposit put down prior to filming.

C1.     What’s your turnaround?

This depends on the project, how long each edit will be, how much footage there is, how many angles, etc.

C2.    Will it be color graded?

We do the necessary adjustments such as exposure, white balance, audio-peaking, etc. Upon request, we can color grade your video to fit a particular style or mood.

C3.     Do we have to sign a contract?

Usually not since we have a deposit put down prior to editing.