Blue Dawn StudiosJeff Kou, Andrew Ho, Wilfred Poon (right, left, bottom)

lue Dawn Studios is a small San Francisco based videography and production service started by three young friends in 2008. We like to have fun, but we take our jobs very seriously. Nothing makes us happier than to see the smiles on Brides faces and the positive feedback from our clients around the world. We strive for quality, consistency, and creativity with each project.

“My shooting style for documentary projects is usually candid and unscripted. I like to watch things unfold and re-tell the story creatively in the editing phase. The final product is a synergy between you (the subject) and me (the videographer/editor).” ~ Jeff

eff has more than 3 years experience in video, editing, visual effects, web, multimedia, graphic design, and music production.  Back in the day, Jeff used to design and webmaster flash websites for ekosf.com. He carries his strong background in graphic design and attention to detail into his editing, which is often overlooked and an important ingredient in video production. Jeff started shooting video when Andrew (an upcoming Photographer) wanted some behind-the-scenes footage for his glamor and fashion photography portfolio. Jeff’s work got noticed by several nightclubs and he moved on to cover event photography in San Francisco Bay Area. He helped out a few Wedding Cinematographers and has been doing Weddings ever since.

Wonderful photography!!!! Andrew H.’s work is amazing and he’s very professional, from his demeanor to his work ethic. ~ Catherine L.

ndrew is a Photographer and Wedding Videographer. He discovered his love for photography in high school when his teacher handed him a camera to keep him out of trouble. Andrew shoots with a unique style for Fashion, Events, and Weddings. When not at a beautiful chapel, you will most likely find Andrew covering night club events in the Bay Area. Andrew’s transition to video was not easy to say the least, but his familiarity with photography had a lot of contribution. His expertise in lighting, framing, etc. from photography brings Blue Dawn Studio’s moving pictures to life. Be sure to check out Andrew’s Portfolio.

Hanging out in Hawaii ~ photo by Andrew Ho

il has a background in IT.  He handles the technical behind-the-scenes stuff for Blue Dawn Studios. His technical expertise attracted him to videography and photography. Believe it or not, there many technical things to worry about like ISO, pixels, F-stops, H.264, and 4:2:2. Don’t worry, leave this technical stuff to us. Wil has known Jeff ever since the 1st grade and they work very well together, from the editing station to on-location at a shoot.

lue Dawn is different. What sets us apart is the marriage of the styles we encounter in our passions and hobbies. We gather our inspiration from other media such as movies and advertisement. We do R&D with the latest technology and implement tools as necessary to provide the client with the greatest quality possible. Of course, the tools we use are only just tools. The involvement of the clients ideas and concepts with our creative expertise are equally important to us for creating quality work. Please have a look at our Portfolio.